Read happy clients say about us

  • Wendy

    Majestic exotics is the best! Highly recommended . My kitten was not only beautiful, but smart and a loving, sweet boy. Can’t praise them enough; true professionals who really cares about their cats and kittens.
  • Betsy

    My sweet Baby came from Majestic exotics! I appreciate their honesty and and their ability to make me at ease through buying a kitty online and having her shipped to me. I also look forward to buying another one from them someday! They’re the best!!
  • Fred Bill

    I do not have enough words to describe our experience with Majestic Exotics! We live all the way down in PR as we were recently relocated to the Island and we fell in love with one of their kittens. After some intense research Majestic Exotics made it happen and now we are the proud owners of our lovely Serval. Our daughter cried of happiness as she received her surprise…
  • Paul George Dane

    I happily give Majestic Exotics 5 Stars hands down. They are the most conscience Breeder that I have run across in all the years I have had Servals. They keeps their line pure!! Their raises strong, healthy, and well adjusted Kittens. A joy to work with.
  • Jenna

    Beautiful babies! There is a lot of love poured into these kittens! Thanks Majestic Exotocs for your care and heart!
  • Karyn

    Große Züchter, der wirklich liebt, diese Tiere, schönen. Vielen Dank für alles, was Sie zu tun !!!!!
  • Belbatov

    Always ready to lend an ear and help out after kitten is purchased. Best kittens raised with very high standards!
  • Anny Bales

    Majestic Exotics= Integrity, honesty, and a very caring soft heart for the animals in her care
  • Jenny

    Ralphie has been such a blessing to my daughter. She even gave him her daddy’s name (he passed away) as his middle name because he is “her boy” and “so sweet” like her Daddy was. It brought me to tears. I knew he was beautiful and unique but I didn’t expect such a sweet and loving temperament. He has been so much more than we ever could have asked for. In 1 day he has become part of our family. Thank you Majestic Exotics!!!!
  • Joe

    I am very happy with my Caracal I got from Majestic Exotics and they have been there for me with any questions or concerns even years after I got my kitten
  • José

    Compré mi gatito de Bonnie hace casi 3 años y ella es una hermosa y saludable, cariñoso del gato! He adoptado todas mis gatitos toda mi vida y mi gatito Savannah es mi primer gatito que he comprado.
  • Bonny

    Absolutely the most beautiful kittens! BFE is lovely and they genuinely cares about only breeding the most gorgeous and healthy kittens! They are sweet and well socialized! I couldn’t recommend them more!
  • Anita

    Great breeder who truly loves these animals. Thank you for all you do!!!!!
  • Anthony

    Majestic Exotics Makes beautiful kittens. They works really hard on on their kittens to make them look beautiful and healthy and they are all really caring people. I still enjoy my baby capuchin i got from you. luv you all!!!!!!!
  • Ashanti

    Aside from the kittens being so beautiful and having such an amazing temperament troy is so wonderful to work with. I had a million questions before paying my deposit and she answered every one of them! She kept me updated with pictures and info weekly while we were waiting. She also worked with us on getting a flight that worked for our needs when it came to getting Alphie delivered.
  • Lodge

    Almost 3 years ago we purchased our female ocelot. She has the best temperament, everyone loves her; even the non cat lovers fell in love with her. Majestic Exotics does a wonderful job breeding. I recommend them to anyone looking for a Ocelots even serval for sure.
  • Madeleine

    I love these cats. I tell everyone how wonderful they are. My granddaughter has fallen in love with Frodo and when she comes over her first question is where is Stub Stubs. Her nickname for him. The people who see him want to know where they can see more I tell them. Thank you Majestic Exotics from the bottom of my heart.